Design Evaluation and Re-Design

We offer a design evaluation service whereby the ‘fitness for purpose’ of mechanisms and components is assessed – helping to prevent future failure and malfunction. We may also discover and recommend the need for a system or component re-design, a service which we can undertake as necessary.

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Engineering Solution Examples

Examples are provided below of engineering solutions provided by Neale Consulting Engineers. The examples show how tribology and engineering design evaluation and analysis have been applied to solve a broad range of industrial problems over many industry sectors.

Wind Energy

Neal Consulting engineers have been involved in solving wind turbine gearbox failures from the Wind Energy Industry and have also developed a wind pump for developing countries

Water Treatment

This article looks at some of the projects Neale Consulting Engineers have done with machinery and plant from the Water Industry.


This article summarises some of the work Neale Consulting Engineers have completed for the Railway Industry.

Power Generation

Here we look at how we have solved issues with power generation equipment all over the world.

Petrochemical and Process Plant

This post shows some examples of where we have made an impact on improving Petrochemical and Process plant.

Mining Industry

Here we look at some of the solutions we have implemented within the Mining Industry.

Mechanical Handling

Here we look at projects undertaken within the Mechanical Handling Industry.


Here we discuss some of the projects we have been involved with within the Marine industry.


This article summaries some of the problems we have solved relating to machinery failures within the manufacturing industry.

Food Processing

Here we look at some of the problems we have solved associated with equipment used within the food processing industry.