The science of interacting surfaces in relative motion, including friction, lubrication, and wear


Applying Tribology principles to the design, operation and troubleshooting of machinery

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We offer the following services: Machinery failure investigations, assistance with design and development, investigation of crashes and accidents, expert witness reports, Tribology advice and guidance.

Practical Solutions to Engineering Problems

Solving Machinery Problems

Diagnosing and solving failure and wear problems with all types of machinery in a wide range of industry sectors. Expertise includes bearings, gears, seals, and many other types of moving parts.

Investigating Crashes and Incidents

We participate in independent investigations of crashes and accidents involving injury or loss of life. These have included aviation crashes, crane failures, and various accidents involving machinery.

Analysis of Failed Components

Initiating causes may not be immediately evident from examination of the failed parts. Investigations include a study of the design, the development, and the operational history, which can help determine the likely root cause or causes.

Design Advice and Design Audits

We work with designers and developers of machines to optimise the tribological aspects of their equipment, providing guidance on improving reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

Expert Witness Work

We produce independent expert reports for court cases, arbitrations, and mediations. We also give oral evidence in court when required.

Tribology Publications and Guides

The most comprehensive and well known of these is "The Tribology Handbook", a practical guide to the design, operation, and troubleshooting of many types of bearings, gears, seals, and other mechanisms