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About Neale Consulting Engineers

Michael Neale founded the consultancy in the 1960s. His early career was with Rolls-Royce (aero engines), and later as development manager with Glacier Metal, a leading producer of plain bearings and bearing materials.

Tribology was at that time a newly coined word for a subject that was regarded as important to industry, with potential to greatly improve the energy efficiency and reliability and safety of machinery and vehicles of all kinds (as described in the Jost report of 1966).

Michael Neale identified that a substantial proportion of machinery unreliability, inefficiency, and failures manifested in the tribological components, such as bearings, and he saw a role for a consultancy focusing on these issues.

His vision was for a centre of excellence that would provide independent and practical advice on tribology, to manufacturers and users alike. The focus was on engineering tribology, and the consultants have always been selected for their theoretical and practical knowledge of machines, as much as for their tribological expertise.

Founded by Michael Neale in 1962 following a career with Rolls-Royce and Glacier Metals, Neale Consulting Engineers Ltd. has developed a world reputation for tribology, practical problem solving and training in all areas of industry.