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Poldaw Designs is a not-for-profit activity within the company providing designs and technical support and manufacturing training on appropriate technology devices in developing countries. Initially in the 1980s we worked with Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) on the development of a large size windpump design, and also on water turbines, steam engines, and small scale sugar cane processing machinery.

In the 1990s, we developed the Poldaw range of low cost windpumps, which have been successfully manufactured in 15 countries, with currently over 2000 windpumps sold and installed, mainly in Africa, Asia and South America. These designs are made entirely with locally available materials, there are no imported components. Usually, after a few weeks of supervision and product training, small scale workshops are able to successfully manufacture and install windpumps, with occasional technical support visits and ongoing liaison by email.

More information on the Poldaw Windpumps is given on these pages:

Windpumps have been “overtaken” by solar pumps in many countries, but windpumps still have a niche in the market, due to their robustness and simplicity, and resistance to theft and vandalism. These windpumps can run for 20+ years with minimal maintenance requirements, and are easy to repair when damage does occasionally occur.

For information on the current manufacturers of the windpumps, and any other questions, please contact the Poldaw Designs team here.


Poldaw Designs has since 2004 worked with WaterAid, and local in-country partner organisations, in developing improved handpump designs for rural village water supply. A totally new handpump design with ultra-deep well capability was developed and successfully tested, but the introduction of a new design on a large scale is currently not favoured. Instead, we are now working to introduce innovative “add-ons” to existing public domain handpump designs, to enhance reliability, and eliminate corrosion problems. These innovations are cost-effective, incurring virtually no increase in cost compared to the standard designs. This low cost removes an important practical obstacle to adoption.

Please see this page for further details on the handpump design.

For more information on the handpump work, please contact the Poldaw Designs team (Contact us).