Over the years, Neale Consulting Engineers have produced numerous articles, papers and books on different tribological subject areas.  Please use the links below to explore these areas and learn more about tribology.

Papers and Articles

Over the years Neale Consulting Engineers have written several published papers that are worth reading to learn more about tribology and other related subjects.

Additive containing Oils in the spotlight
Conveyor Chain Wear Reduced
Gearbox & Gear System problems
Understanding Tribology

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We have also written and published a library of books relating to all areas of tribology.  These all act as an excellent fast reference for all Mechanical Engineers.  In particular, the Tribology Handbook is regarded as ‘The Bible’ for all matters relating to tribology.

The Tribology Handbook
A Tribology Casebook
Mechanical Seal Practice for Improved Performance
Bearings – A Tribology Handbook
Component Failures, Maintenance and Repair – A Tribology Handbook
Couplings and Shaft Alignment
Drives and Seals – A Tribology Handbook
Engineering Measurements, Methods and Intrinsic Errors
Flexible Couplings
Guide to the Condition Monitoring of Machinery
Lubrication – A Tribology Handbook
Piston Ring Design
Precision Forming
An Introductory Guide To Industrial Tribology
Lubrication and Reliability Handbook

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