Over the years, Neale Consulting Engineers have published a number of reference textbooks on tribology.  In particular – the Tribology Handbook, which is the definitive reference text for Mechanical Engineers.  Please click on the images below to explore our extensive engineering library in more detail.

The Tribology Handbook

Author: M. J. Neale

This handbook aims to provide instant access to essential information on the performance of tribological components, and is aimed particularly at designers and engineers in industry.

    A Tribology Casebook

    Author: Denis Summers-smith

    This book is different: It describes what actually happens under real life operating conditions – by presenting a collection of incidents drawn from practice.

      Mechanical Seal Practice

      Author: Denis Summers-Smith

      A joint study of mechanical seal performance. It deals with seal design, materials and selection, pump design and its effect on seal performance.


        Editor: M. J. Neale

        This handbook gives practical guidance on bearings in a form intended to provide easy and rapid reference.

          Component Failures

          Editor: M. J. Neale

          This handbook gives practical guidance on component failures, maintenance and repair in a form intended to provide easy and rapid reference.

            Couplings & Shaft Alignment

            Authors: Neale, Needham & Horrell

            Couplings and Shaft Alignment is concerned with the various types of flexible coupling which can be used to transmit power between the shafts of rotating machines, and with the alignment of those shafts.

              Drives and Seals

              Editor: M. J. Neale

              This handbook gives practical guidance on drives and seals in a form intended to provide easy and rapid reference.

                Engineering Measurements

                Authors: T. A. Polak and C. Pande

                Methods and Intrinsic errors provides a valuable insight into the equipment and methods generally used in taking measurements, and helps engineers avoid or minimise the inaccuracies that can arise even when using highly accurate instruments.

                  Flexible Couplings

                  Author: M. J. Neale

                  These studies were aimed at producing a practical summary of the current technology of flexible couplings for use in the selection, design, performance estimation, and specification for use in Power Stations.

                    Condition Monitoring of Machinery

                    Author: M. J. Neale

                    The purpose of this guide is to help industrial companies decide whether condition monitoring could with advantage be applied to their equipment; to indicate what its application would involve; and to give some idea of the financial savings to be expected.


                      Editor: M. J. Neale

                      The field of lubricants and lubrication is presented in this book in a logical and comprehensive manner, and data is arranged to enhance its value to practitioner and researcher alike.

                        Piston Ring Design

                        Author: M. J. Neale

                        A survey of information from research on piston rings and its application to design.

                          Precision Forming

                          Author: M. J. Neale

                          This report constitutes the starting point in the definition of proposals for a co-ordinated programme of research and development into the technology of precision forming.

                            An Introductory Guide To Industrial Tribology

                            Author: J. D. Summers-Smith

                            The main emphasis of this book is on the practical aspects of lubrication and wear as they affect the engineer.

                              Lubrication and Reliability Handbook

                              Author: M. J. Neale

                              This handbook will assist engineers in industry with the operation and maintenance of machinery it provides the information that these engineers need in a form that is instantly accessible and easy to read.