A Tribology Casebook

This book is different. It describes what actually happens under real life operating conditions. By presenting a collection of incidents drawn from practice, this book illustrates the practical issues and problem solving approaches needed to deal with real situations that engineers are likely to come across in their working lives. Engineers, from students to senior company executives, will find this book useful and very readable. Methods of analysis and solutions are devised, which are more effective than those commonly taught on engineering courses.

Denis Summers-Smith is a highly respected, widely published tribologist who has been working in this field for many years and who has a vast experience of the subject in practice.

Subject matter covered in this publication:

  • Aeration, foaming and contamination of lubricating oils by water in service.
  • Analysis techniques.
  • Boundary lubricating properties of polyglycols.
  • Climatic effects on compressors.
  • Condition monitoring: temperature measurement. Corrosive wear.
  • Crankshaft explosions.
  • Fires and explosions in air compressors and compressed air systems.
  • Lubrication in other environments than air.
  • Manufacturers are not always right.
  • Materials for plain bearings.
  • Mechanical seals.
  • Plant memory and myths.
  • Problems with lubricant additives.
  • Problems with lubricated flexible couplings.
  • Purification of large lubrication systems.
  • Soft-packed glands and some alternatives for reciprocating rods.
  • Specification changes causing unforeseen problems.
  • Plain thrust bearings.
  • Tribo-microchemistry.
  • Vibration.

Author:  Denis Summers-Smith

Publisher:  Professional Engineering Publishing

ISBN:   1 86 58 041 6