Pages From The Tribology Handbook

We are delighted to be able to offer for download and use the following key pages from The Tribology Handbook. These pages cover rolling element and plain bearing failure analysis, bearing material and lubrication selection. These pages have been re-printed here with the kind permission of Elsevier Publishing.

Rolling Element Bearing Failure Analysis

The following pages from The Tribology Handbook detail all the typical failure modes and potential causes for rolling element bearing failures. These include such failures as fatigue, corrosion, staining, brinelling, ladder marking, grease failure etc. The final page introduces bearing reliability analysis and L10 life.
Rolling Element Bearing Failures – Part 1: Corrosion, staining, brinelling
Rolling Element Bearing Failures – Part 2: Ladder marking, grease failure, cage failures
Failure Patterns and Failure Analysis

Plain Bearing Failure Analysis

These pages look at failures associated with plain bearings. In particular, looking at failures from foreign matter, wiping, fatigue, corrosion and erosion of the bearing surface.
Plain Bearing Failure Analysis – Part 1: Foreign matter, wiping, fatigue
Plain Bearing Failure Analysis – Part 2: Corrosion and erosion

Failure Analysis of Gears, Seals, brakes, clutches and Wire

These pages from The Tribology Handbook cover typical failures seen on gears and gear-trains, failures associated with wire ropes and failures typically seen on seals and sealing systems. They also cover typical failures found on brake and clutches and the final PDF page give some more information on wear debris analysis.
Gear Failure Analysis
Wire Rope Failures
Seal Failures
Brake and clutch failure analysis
Wear Debris Analysis

Bearing Selection and Design

Pages relating to the selection of the correct type of journal bearing for particular load and speed applications. Articles then relating to selecting the correct type of rolling element bearing, sizing thrust bearings, and selecting seals. The final article looks at lubrication requirements for rolling element bearings.
Selection of Journal Bearings
Selecting The Correct Rolling Element Bearing
Selection of Thrust Bearings
Selection of Seals
Installation considerations for rolling bearings
Design of dry rubbing bearings
Selecting the lubrication requirements for rolling element bearings

Material and Lubrication Properties

Pages relating to material selection, lubrication propoerties of common mineral oils and selection of correct lubrication for particular applications.
Wear Resistant Materials
Selecting the correct type of lubrication for particular bearing applications
Mineral oil viscosity chart